Announcing the Master Yield Pass: A Comprehensive Rulebook

June 8, 2024

Master Protocol is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the Master Yield Pass, coinciding with the launch of our LSDFi product, Master Yield Market. Currently in the testnet phase undergoing code audit, we expect the mainnet to go live in mid to late June.

The introduction of the Master Yield Pass will mark the beginning of a thrilling airdrop campaign aimed at rewarding users for their participation and engagement with our platform. Yield Pass holders who stake their Pass will enjoy a host of benefits and rewards.

Master Yield Pass Basic Information

- Total Supply: 10,000

- Price: Free Mint

- Time: To Be Determined

- Utility: Staking the Master Yield Pass will grant you following benefits:

  1. Earn points from trading pool and referral pool with high boost to receive token airdrops.
  2. Share the commission of the Yield Market.
  3. Additional perks to be announced in the future.

Reward Pool Details

The reward system is divided into two independent pools: the Trading Pool and the Referral Pool. Each pool has its own point calculation and boost rates, with rewards calculated separately.

Trading Pool

Users earn trading points based on their transaction volume on the Yield Market, with Yield Pass stakers receiving a 3x points boost.

- Yield Pass Staker: Boost Rate = 300%

- Non-Yield Pass Staker: Boost Rate = 100%

Individual Total Trading Points: Calculated as Total Transaction Volume * Boost Rate

Example: If a user has a total transaction volume of 1,000 USDT:

- With Yield Pass Staking: 1,000 USDT * 300% = 3,000 trading points

- Without Yield Pass Staking: 1,000 USDT * 100% = 1,000 trading points

Referral Pool

Staked Users earn basic referral points and a boost rate based on the number of people they invite. The more they invite, the higher the boost, with no cap on accumulation.

Yield Pass Staker

Earn 200 basic points daily, multiplied by the boost rate to get the final daily referral points. The boost rate consists of two parts: the boost rate as an inviter and the boost rate as an invitee. Details are as follows:

As an Inviter (Invite others with your referral code):

- Each Staker invited: +2% Buff

- Each Non-Staker invited (with 100 USDT transaction): +1% Buff

As an Invitee (Use an inviter’s referral code to join their team):

- Receives 0.5 times the inviter’s current Buff as additional boost rate.

Example: If User A stakes a Yield Pass and invites 50 holders (all staking) and 100 non-holders (with 100 USDT transaction volume), and also joins User B’s team (User B’s Buff is 20%), User A’s daily referral points would be:

200 x (100% + 50 x 2% + 100 x 1% + 0.5 x 20%) = 620 referral points

Additional Perk: both inviter and invitee receive a mystery box (10–200 points). The invitee needs to be a Staker or reach a transaction volume of 100 USDT. Both parties can then open the mystery box to receive random referral points.

Non-Yield Pass Staker

- Cannot be the inviter.

- As an invitee, they receive a point mystery box (10–200 points), which can be opened upon reaching a 100 USDT transaction volume.

Additional Rules

  1. The daily points calculation snapshot time is 23:59:59 UTC. If a user has staked a yield pass at the snapshot time and maintains the stake until the next snapshot time (a full 24 hours), it is considered a valid stake. The user will then receive the points with boost rate from the trading pool and referral pool mentioned above. If these conditions are not met, the calculation of points and boost rate from staking will be rebased.
  2. Each address can only join one team as an invitee and can only build one team as an inviter.
  3. There are only two levels of referral relationships.

Example: A invites B, B invites C, C invites D.

  • A can receive a boost rate as an inviter from B.
  • B can receive a boost rate as an invitee from A and a boost rate as an inviter from C, but not from D.

4. If a team member unstakes, the boost rate he/she provided disappears.

5. Users can change teams at any time, but it only takes in effect after 24 hours, during which no invitee boost rate is received.

6. Unstaking has a 7-day unbonding period. Upon submitting an unstaking request, the user is no longer considered a Staker and will lose related rewards and Buffs.


Holding and staking a Yield Pass offers substantial rewards, particularly in the form of master token airdrops, while engaging with Master Protocol. By maintaining a free mint path, we aim to maximize rewards for early platform participants. This is a unique opportunity to be part of an innovative ecosystem, and the benefits are too significant to miss. The earlier you mint and stake your Yield Pass, the greater the rewards you’ll reap.

Stay tuned for more information in our upcoming announcements. Don’t miss out on your chance to secure your Yield Pass and unlock these extraordinary benefits!