Master Protocol Announces Strategic Partnership with Botanix Labs

May 22, 2024

Master Protocol is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with Botanix Labs. This collaboration, which spans multiple dimensions including market expansion and product innovation, marks a significant milestone in our quest to become a premier user and asset aggregator within the Bitcoin ecosystem. As part of this strategic alliance, Master Protocol will spearhead the development of a Liquid Staking Protocol on Botanix’s Spiderchain.

Pioneering Innovations in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

At Master Protocol, our mission encompasses the construction of the Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) Solution on Botanix, the LSD-Fi yield market, and a Liquid Restaking Solution across the Bitcoin ecosystem. Our objective is to deliver innovative solutions that amplify the utility and value of Bitcoin holdings for our users.

Botanix Labs shares this vision, striving to elevate Bitcoin from the best money ever made to a programmable layer that underpins the future of finance. Their groundbreaking work in establishing the first fully decentralized EVM-equivalent Layer 2 on Bitcoin enables the fusion of EVM versatility with Bitcoin’s decentralization and security.

Leveraging Bitcoin’s Strengths for Unmatched Security and Decentralization

Botanix Labs utilizes Bitcoin’s PoW as a Layer 1 base for settlement and decentralization. By incorporating a PoS consensus model, wherein stakes are represented by Bitcoin, Botanix ensures unparalleled security through the Spiderchain. This distributed network of decentralized multisigs is protected by a randomized subset of participants, allowing anyone to stake their Bitcoin securely.

Through this collaboration, Master Protocol and Botanix Labs will develop the Liquid Staking Protocol, facilitating LSD issuance and applications with enhanced rewards on Botanix. This protocol is set to unlock new avenues for Bitcoin holders to maximize their yields and engage in a more dynamic and rewarding financial ecosystem.

A New Era of Financial Innovation

The partnership between Master Protocol and Botanix Labs heralds the dawn of a new era within the Bitcoin ecosystem. By integrating our Liquid Staking Protocol with Botanix’s advanced infrastructure, we are poised to unlock unprecedented potential for Bitcoin users and the broader financial community.


We remain steadfast in our commitment to drive continuous innovation and deliver solutions that empower our users and enhance the Bitcoin ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey with Botanix Labs. Together, we are forging the future of finance on a secure and decentralized foundation.