Introducing Master Yield Platform — Offering One-stop BTC-Fi Experience

May 25, 2024

At Master Protocol, we are committed to advancing the Bitcoin ecosystem by creating a comprehensive BTCFi platform that serves as a user and asset aggregator. Our mission is to enhance the liquidity and utilization of Bitcoin assets, providing innovative solutions that cater to diverse investment needs. Our suite of products includes the Master Yield Platform, Master Liquid Staking Solution, and Master Liquid Restaking Solution, all designed to contribute significantly to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

On May 22, we announced a collaboration with Botanix Labs to introduce a Liquid Staking Protocol on SpiderChain, facilitating LSD issuance and applications with enhanced rewards on Botanix.

The Master Yield Platform is set to launch its testnet version in June. Let’s dive into it and have a look at our flagship product.

Master Yield Platform — Delivering Authentic Yield with LSDFi

The Master Yield Platform is crafted to deliver genuine yield to users by aggregating various yield-bearing LST.BTC assets with points in the Bitcoin ecosystem. These assets are wrapped into MSY (Master Standardized Yield) and then split into MPT (Master Principal Token) and MYT (Master Yield Token) for trading. By doing so, we aim to provide seamless interaction and maximize the value derived from Bitcoin-based assets.

MSY (Master Standardized Yield)

MSY is a token standard that encapsulates any yield-bearing token, offering a standardized interface for interacting with their yield-generating mechanisms. It serves purely as a technical component, ensuring streamlined operations without direct user interaction.

MPT (Master Principal Token)

MPT is designed to be redeemable for one unit of the underlying asset deposited in the protocol at maturity. Buyers of MPT receive a fixed yield, foregoing all floating yields and points. This fixed-income product is ideal for institutional and large-scale investors due to its substantial capital requirements and lower risk profile. Funds from MPT purchases are automatically directed to the original LST protocol and BTC L2, enhancing their TVL.

MYT (Master Yield Token)

MYT allows holders to receive the yield and points of one unit of the underlying asset until maturity. Buyers of MYT gain access to underlying floating yields and points, making it similar to a futures market for yields and points. This product is attractive to retail investors due to lower capital requirements. Users can buy and sell MYT based on their expectations of the token’s future value, allowing them to participate actively in the value discovery process of emerging projects. MYT prices are influenced by multiple factors, leading to higher volatility.


Maturity marks the date when MPT becomes fully redeemable for the underlying asset and MYT stops accruing yield.

Assets at Launch

In collaboration with Botanix, we will introduce LST.BTC assets through the Master Liquid Staking Protocol on SpiderChain. In addition to this asset, we will aggregate other L2 LST protocol assets into our LSDFi platform, including those from Bouncebit (stBBTC), Babylon, BitLayer, and more. The Master Yield Platform aims to generate native yield, direct funds towards LST protocols and L2, increase their TVL, and offer retail investors trading opportunities to earn yields. This initiative significantly enhances the liquidity and efficiency of Bitcoin assets, contributing to the broader Bitcoin financial ecosystem.

Yield Pass Coming Soon

The LSDFi platform is undergoing security audits, expected to launch in June, alongside the introduction of our new NFT series: Yield Pass.

Yield Pass holders will share commissions of the LSDFi platform and earn points through the Trading Pool and Referral Pool, which can be exchanged for token airdrops and other rewards. We will continue to adopt the Free Mint, preparing for an exciting and inclusive rollout. Stay tuned for more surprises and ensure you are ready for the event. Follow our social media and community channels to stay updated.


Master Protocol is strategically positioned within the Bitcoin ecosystem, offering products that span the entire value chain. Our comprehensive LSDFi experience on Bitcoin, from LST protocol to the LSDFi platform, and future plans for Meme DEX and InsuranceFi, underscores our commitment to driving innovation and growth in the BTCFi space. By enhancing the liquidity and utilization of Bitcoin assets, we aim to contribute significantly to the Bitcoin financial landscape.